The Powerhouse of Behavioural Web Data Creation


DataGlue is a cutting-edge tracking solution that transcends the capabilities of traditional analytics tools. It is designed to create and track behavioural data of website visitors, offering businesses a comprehensive view of the customer journey. By capturing granular data and posting it to a destination of your choice, such as Google Analytics, CRM systems, or the upcoming DataGlue Audience Hub, DataGlue equips businesses with invaluable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved outcomes.

The Digital Challenge

The digital landscape is a complex web of customer interactions across multiple web touchpoints. Traditional analytics tools often yield fragmented or superficial data, leaving businesses grappling with incomplete insights. This lack of clarity can lead to ineffective strategies, misallocated resources, and missed opportunities.

Moreover, with this landscape continuously evolving, with new channels, regulations, and technologies emerging regularly. This constant change makes it even more challenging to keep up and accurately track their customers' behaviour without the need for significant investment into over-engineered SaaS solutions that introduce significant technical debt, and change management complexities.

The DataGlue Solution

DataGlue is engineered to address these challenges by fostering a 360-degree view of your customers' web interactions. It captures a wide range of behavioural data, including first-time visits, session times, campaign and media attributions, device information, and unique identifiers. As users navigate through your site, submit forms, and click on links, DataGlue connects this data to progressively profile visitors and foster a single customer view. This allows businesses to understand their customers' behavior in-depth, enhancing their marketing efforts and boosting their ROI.

Granular Data Capture

DataGlue captures a wide range of data points, from page views to link clicks and form activity, automatically collecting a granular dataset reflecting your customers’ actions with out-of-box tracking. For instance, a marketer can track a user who clicked on a LinkedIn ad, navigated through the website, watched a product video, left the website for a day, week, or month/s, revisited, and finally filled out a contact form while attributing these earlier behaviors to the most recent form submission.

Automated Website Tagging

DataGlue's automated website tagging feature ensures that each data point arrives with rich contextual data. UUIDs are also integrated into your Google Analytics Events, allowing businesses to pinpoint and match users in their form storage space (i.e. CRM) to web traffic while remaining compliant. Beyond just tracking page views, DataGlue can capture event information such as link clicks, video plays, and form submissions.

Glue Framework

The DataGlue Glue Framework is a robust, cloud or self-hosted marketing attribution script designed to seamlessly integrate with your website. This script captures and connects crucial data points, such as first-time visit, session time, campaign and media attribution, device info, and a unique identifier to a single user as they land and navigate throughout your site from any channel.

As users submit forms and click on links throughout your website, this information is attached to each of these interactions while remaining compliant. This data is then posted to your chosen destination such as your CRM, Google Analytics, Segment, Adobe Analytics, providing a rich, connected dataset at your fingertips.

With this granular data, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their marketing effectiveness, tailor their strategies, and drive better results.

Audience Hub (Coming Soon)

Our upcoming SaaS solution, DataGlue Audience Hub, is a game-changer. It's an event stream platform that captures website activity and offers real-time identity resolution to fuel advanced data-driven use cases, AI, and marketing automation.

With the Audience Hub, businesses can set start and end points to visualize how users navigate your product, website, or conversion funnel. This feature will provide businesses with a powerful tool to understand their audience's behavior and preferences in real-time, enabling them to tailor their strategies and maximize their efforts.

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